STP Octane Booster (Fuel Intake System Cleaner) 12oz

STP Octane Booster (Fuel Intake System Cleaner) 12oz

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Octane Boost was designed as a two-in-one formula to boost octane and clean the fuel intake system to restore lost performance. Boosting the octane levels of the fuel can help your vehicle run smoother, for a longer period of time! Plus, it contains MMT + Synthetic Technology. Are you experiencing lost power or acceleration? Octane Boost can restore that power and acceleration back to normal.

 How Does It Help?


  • Feeling a little slow? Octane Boost restores lost power & acceleration
  • Increases the Octane Level of the fuel in your vehicle.
  • Helps clean your fuel intake system
  • Plus, it's made with Jet Fuel
  • Contains MMT + Synthetic Technology

Treat Rate: 5.25 fl. oz. bottle treats up to 21 gallons of gasoline. 12 fl. oz. bottle treats up to 28 gallons of gasoline.

Usage Directions

Pour entire contents into gas tank before or after fueling.

Usage Frequency: Use regularly when you fill up your tank

Why do I need Octane Booster? 

All engines develop combustion chamber deposits that can eventually lead to your engine needing higher-octane gasoline than is recommended by the manufacturer to operate efficiently. This concept is known as “Octane Requirement Increase” or ORI for short. This can cause the “knocking and pinging” sounds you may hear when accelerating. The problem is that knocking and pinging may not be audible to the driver, due to many modern engines being equipped with knock sensors. These sensors detect knock and adjust the vehicle’s timing to make it stop. These adjustments lead to a quieter engine, but do come at a cost, since they can result in slower acceleration and poor fuel economy. STP® Octane Booster helps reduce your engine’s appetite for higher-octane gasoline by removing power-robbing combustion chamber deposits.

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