STP Synthetic Oil Treatment 15oz

STP Synthetic Oil Treatment 15oz

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Our STP Synthetic Oil Treatment was re-formulated for use with low-viscosity oils. This Oil Treatment provides extra protection for extended oil drain intervals that come with synthetic oil use. This engine treatment offers the similar benefits as traditional STP Oil Treatment. ZDDP oil additive helps to protect against your engine wearing to keep your car running efficiently and smoothly. You can add this treatment during every oil change to protect your engine without diluting your motor oil or worrying about a thing.

How Does It Help?

  • One 15 fl oz bottle of STP Synthetic Oil Treatment engine additive is needed
  • A traditional oil treatment formulated for low-viscosity oils with excess protection for extended oil drain intervals
  • STP Oil Treatment helps to keep the engine clean and prevent further deposits
  • This engine oil additive enhances the durability of the oil using antioxidants to help prevent breaking down the synthetic oil
  • This ZDDP oil additive helps to protect your vehicle against long-term engine wear for efficiency
  • Add the oil treatment product to your synthetic oil before or after each routine oil change for easy car maintenance to keep your motor running strong

Treat Rate: 1 bottle treats 4-5 quarts of oil

Usage Directions

Add 1 bottle for every 4-5 quarts of oil at or between oil changes. Consult your owner’s manual for oil capacity and oil drain intervals.

Usage Frequency

Use STP® Synthetic Oil Treatment in addition to four or five quarts of oil at every oil change whether it is before or after.

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