How To Check Your Brake Fluid Levels

How To Check Your Brake Fluid Levels

Going fast is great, being able to stop is better.
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A necessary step in brake system maintenance is changing the brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (it absorbs water). Replacing used fluid with fresh fluid keeps the system free of moisture. If your brakes seem to not work as well as they used to in severe stopping conditions, flushing the brake fluid and adding fresh fluid can restore braking performance.

  1. Find the brake fluid reservoir - it’s under the hood toward the rear of the engine bay on the driver’s side.
  2. Clean the reservoir and its cap of any road grime and dust.
  3. Remove the cap and add fluid until the level reaches the “full” or “max” mark on the side of the reservoir.
  4. Replace the cap.


Brake fluid will dissolve paint, so be sure not to spill it on any painted surface. If you have a spill, flush the spill with water ASAP (water does a good job of neutralizing it).

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